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Controlling what someone can do once they have accessed a Unix or Linux server within your environment is a goal for every systems administrator and security analyst to set their sights on.

System admins have a purpose to allowing other users of the system only limited access; users mess things up, and that know that. It could be anything from a noob (or novice administrator) who oversteps their knowledge, or it could be an application developer running a script with root privileges that does something like ‘rm -rf */*’. No sys admin wants to have to explain how that happened, or clean up the mess.

Security analysts have their own goal: prevent the compromise of important systems and data, keep their company out of the headlines, and keep their jobs.

Privileged Management with Sudo

privilege access management, network security, foxtManaging privilege can be done in many ways, and with many tools. One of the most common tools is the free Sudo utility packaged with almost every Linux/Unix distribution. That one is tough in an enterprise, as it is locally configured and lacks centralized management tools.

But, managing the permissions granted to an account once it has been authenticated is only one part of the problem. If an attacker does not have privilege for one account that they log in with, they will just seek another account that they can use that will give them what they want.

Access Control Preventing Attacks

access control, unix. linux, privilege access managementAccess control is the way we manage who can log in to what. The more granular the control, the better. For example if the most privileged accounts are only allowed to log in to critical servers from certain systems, at certain times and in certain ways, it means that even usurped credentials may not grant an attacker the access they desire.

Unix/Linux Combined Control with FoxT

Tightly coupling access control and privilege management has distinct advantages over trying to manage them separately. And, in the Unix/Linux world, access control should be tightly coupled with account control and for that you need a tool that tightly couples all 3 key aspects of access and privilege: account management, access control and privilege management.

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system security, identity access management, foxt, active directoryFoxT Access Management & Governance solutions complement your existing technologies by adding granular control and enforcement of authentication and authorization policies for both privileged and end users.