Product Tabs Include

    • Turn account administration into a simple, streamlined process
      User Provisioning
      Reduce the time and complexity of this process by centrally provisioning and de-provisioning user accounts across diverse UNIX, Linux and Windows servers.
      Group Management
      Decrease administrative overhead by centrally provisioning and de-provisioning groups across diverse server environments.
      Home Directories
      Centrally create and manage home directories and profiles to ensure consistency across diverse server environments.
      Password Mgmt
      Increase security and accountability by managing password quality, aging and history across accounts; and sync across server environments.
    • Centrally control your access for a more secure enterprise
      System Access
      Control SSH, telnet, ftp, r-commands, netshare, xdm, scp, sftp, remote exec; enabling you to deny access by default so that permission must be granted.
      Strengthen administrative access security with multiple forms of authentication such as password, token, SSH keys, and Kerberos.
      Gain control and heighten security by defining the whom, from where, when, what and how your servers are being accessed.
      Granular Controls
      Separate control of SSH based services and sub-protocols: SSH login, exec, scp, sftp, x11 tunneling and port forwarding – grant one without the other.
    • Protect your enterprise’s most sensitive data
      Least Privileged
      Enforce stronger security controls with centralized authorization of privileged activity.
      Simplify Sudo
      Reduce the time and complexity of sudo by centrally controlling su and sudo across diverse Linux and Unix server environments.
      Increase security and accountability by granting and auditing privileged activity tied directly to a unique identity.
      No Shared Passwords
      Protect sensitive information by mitigating the sharing of accounts and passwords by granting privilege directly to user.