Take Control of Local Accounts on Windows Desktops with FoxT DesktopControl

What does it do?

FoxT DesktopControl provides centralized privileged access management and control on Windows Desktop systems — including centralized control of local accounts that are normally outside the control of Active Directory (AD). This ensures that end users cannot exploit powerful administrative accounts that are readily available on their Windows Desktops. Key capabilities include:

How is it used?

FoxT DesktopControl allows for you to take control of local accounts on your Windows Desktop systems. Many software installations for both servers and desktops will require a local account on that system to be functional. These powerful accounts are available only on that local system and are therefore available to be locally managed and controlled, even by an end user. The big problem is that Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is not able to manage or control access and use of these accounts. Because local accounts are often administrative accounts, they have full administrative privileges on the system, and can be very damaging if in the wrong hands. Typically, organizations end up with many of these local accounts on different desktop systems and have no way of managing and keeping them under control, creating a big security risk.

FoxT DesktopControl will centralize the management and use of these local accounts. Not only is it possible to centrally control who has the permission to use these accounts but it is also possible to centrally provision and de-provision these accounts. Further FoxT DesktopControl has powerful capabilities to granularly control the policies around how these local accounts are used by controlling aspects such as from where a connection is made, to where a connection is made, what protocol is used, what time of day the policy should be active and options to enforce multi-factor authentication. Using FoxT DesktopControl, all of these powerful access controls are centrally managed and proactively enforced to better secure the usage of these local accounts. Enforcement of access in combination with centralized logging and reporting will help solve any compliance issues related to the Microsoft Windows Desktop operating system security.

What operating systems does it protect?

FoxT DesktopControl supports Windows Desktop operating systems. Windows 7, Windows XP.


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