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SWIFT and PCI-DSS: New Approaches Needed for Assurance in a World of Non-stop and New Requirements

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtAt the official start of summertime 2016 in Britain we are starting to consume the labor of last autumn, five gallons of alcoholic homemade cider (yum!) made from eight apple varieties grown in mine and my neighbors’ gardens. I’m very VERY careful sterilizing glassware, containers, and buckets: there was this unfortunate incident three years ago (no, you don’t want to hear the horrible details), enough to say I watch each step like a hawk to ensure a batch does not become tainted.

Why am I bothering you with my alcoholic side-line?

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Infographic: The Growing Linux Wave

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtThe Growing Linux Wave: POINTS TO DEMAND FOR IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT SOLITIONS

According to a Linux Foundation’s end-user trends report, Linux leads the way in enterprise deployments. Fox Technologies conducted a survey to find out how enterprises currently manage their Linux servers and their plans in the next year. The results point to an increasing demand for identity and access management (IAM) solutions.
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The Biggest Security Threats We’ll Face in 2016

system security, access management, identity access management, foxt2015 has been the year where social engineering became the common trend among many high-profile breaches – resulting in hundreds of millions of compromised records. Going into 2016, Wired Magazine is predicting the top 5 security threats to be: extortion hacks, attacks that change or manipulate data, chip-and-pin innovations, the rise of the IoT zombie botnet, and more backdoors.

What do you think the biggest security threats of 2016 will be?
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Administrator Accounts are the Target, and the Goal for Hackers

system security, access management, identity access management, foxt The upcoming Usenix LISA15 conference agenda caught my eye this morning, as there is a talk scheduled that resonates with what FoxT has been saying for at least the last year.

“Sysadmins and Their Role in Cyberwar: Why Several Governments Want to Spy On and Hack You, Even If You Have Nothing to Hide” from Christopher Soghoian, Principal Technologist, American Civil Liberties Union

FoxT offers the BoKS ServerControl product to help manage and protect Linux and Unix systems. The accounts on these systems, and especially accounts with administrative privileges, are a valued commodity to hackers. These administrator credentials are often ‘keys to the kingdom’, granting access and control to every aspect of a system from the way that the operating system functions, to the applications that it runs and the data that it stores. Over the last two years almost every major breach has been traced to compromised administrator credentials.
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