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Privileged Access & Control Software for Unix & Linux Systems

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Controlling what someone can do once they have accessed a Unix or Linux server within your environment is a goal for every systems administrator and security analyst to set their sights on.

System admins have a purpose to allowing other users of the system only limited access; users mess things up, and that know that. It could be anything from a noob (or novice administrator) who oversteps their knowledge, or it could be an application developer running a script with root privileges that does something like ‘rm -rf */*’. No sys admin wants to have to explain how that happened, or clean up the mess. Continue reading

Cloud-Knackered Disease: The effects of the data breach epidemic

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtCloud-Knackered N. A state of exhaustion after too many cloud sites expose one’s personal and private data. See: Experian/T-Mobile, Anthem, GPM, etc.

Becoming Cloud-Knackered is the process of having a key cloud provider knocked-over for your vitals, then a spree to see what kind of mayhem can be foisted. The chances are now better than even that your own data has been exposed in this way.

It’s not going to stop. A culture of blithe ignorance, poor regulatory enforcement, and the zeal to succumb to the slavery of Wall Street Earnings Reports means that, despite sincere dedication on the parts of IT staff, we’re losing the battles.
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Containment of Privileged and Root Accounts: Practical Challenges and Considerations

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtConsidering all of the work that needs to be done using privileged permissions, most organizations find that controlling delegation of privileged and root accounts can quickly become difficult to manage and monitor. Furthermore, granted permissions are rarely reviewed or revoked, which means that users unintentionally accumulate more and more privileges over time as their job functions change and new access rights are granted.
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Sudo or SuDon’t: Are you managing privileged command execution?

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtManaging privilege in the enterprise server infrastructure can be a real challenge. For starters, Linux™ and Unix™ system administrators will need root level authority at times to do their jobs. Systems operations staff such as DBAs will also need periodic database and application account authority. And last, security administrators will need to protect the environment. Adding to the challenge, the security administrator role does not even exist in many organizations that have grown their infrastructure quickly.

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SSH Webinar: Oh SSH..IT, Now What!

Thank you for watching the second webinar installment: “Oh SSH..IT, Now What?”

We hope that you found the presentation educational, and look forward to your attendance and participation next week.

Webinar Reminder:
Control Your SSH..IT
Thursday October 16th, 2014 | 10am PDT/1pm EDT

  • The “what” of SSH; what SSH services an account is allowed to use, and what they can do once granted access
  • Adding privilege management as an incorporated control measure

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system security, identity access management, foxt, active directoryFoxT Access Management & Governance solutions complement your existing technologies by adding granular control and enforcement of authentication and authorization policies for both privileged and end users. www.foxt.com/boks