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Infographic: CIO/CISO Sprint to Survive

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtGiven today’s evolving threat landscape, it’s understandable that organizations want to take a proactive approach against threats, create an environment of continuous compliance, and have responsive IT operations processes. Organizations want to reduce risk exposure and the attack surface, detect and respond to advanced threats, and drive down security operations costs.

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Marginal Gains – A philosophy to live by?

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtI don’t know about you at the tail end of the Summer of 2016, but I am really missing the daily breakfast review of the performances at the Olympics this week; and sitting down early evening engrossed in sports I have not seen in exactly four years. In my own head I’m nodding along at the scoring system in Taekwondo, being my own annoyed pundit half a second before the TV sports commentator say something blindingly obvious “Ohh, she should not have done that, the judges will mark her down.
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SWIFT and PCI-DSS: New Approaches Needed for Assurance in a World of Non-stop and New Requirements

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtAt the official start of summertime 2016 in Britain we are starting to consume the labor of last autumn, five gallons of alcoholic homemade cider (yum!) made from eight apple varieties grown in mine and my neighbors’ gardens. I’m very VERY careful sterilizing glassware, containers, and buckets: there was this unfortunate incident three years ago (no, you don’t want to hear the horrible details), enough to say I watch each step like a hawk to ensure a batch does not become tainted.

Why am I bothering you with my alcoholic side-line?

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Infographic: The Growing Linux Wave

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtThe Growing Linux Wave: POINTS TO DEMAND FOR IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT SOLITIONS

According to a Linux Foundation’s end-user trends report, Linux leads the way in enterprise deployments. Fox Technologies conducted a survey to find out how enterprises currently manage their Linux servers and their plans in the next year. The results point to an increasing demand for identity and access management (IAM) solutions.
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The Biggest Security Threats We’ll Face in 2016

system security, access management, identity access management, foxt2015 has been the year where social engineering became the common trend among many high-profile breaches – resulting in hundreds of millions of compromised records. Going into 2016, Wired Magazine is predicting the top 5 security threats to be: extortion hacks, attacks that change or manipulate data, chip-and-pin innovations, the rise of the IoT zombie botnet, and more backdoors.

What do you think the biggest security threats of 2016 will be?
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Security’s Biggest Winners and Losers of 2015

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtTHIS YEAR, LAWMAKERS surprised us by taking initial steps—albeit, baby ones—to rein in some of the NSA’s mass spying and provide better oversight of the intelligence agency’s activities. It’s unclear, however, if these gains and other privacy victories will hold or will be undone in the panic after the Paris attacks.

Following the terrorist assault in November, which killed more than 100 people, US government officials seized the opportunity to revive their campaign against encryption and password-protected devices, calling on companies like Apple and Google to install “voluntary backdoors” in their phones so law enforcement can access protected content with, or perhaps even without, a warrant. Lawmakers have also introduced legislation that would reinstate the NSA’s program for bulk-collecting US phone records, a program that lawmakers ended earlier this year.
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Mysterious Data Breach Exposes 191 Million Voter Records

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtWhen it comes to voting, there are basically two arguments: a civic one, which states that voting is the moral duty of every able citizen in a democracy, and an economic one, which states that voting is a fruitless endeavor in a game with terrible odds. Perhaps the economists had the right of it. A massive database with 191 million voter records has made its way online, and the strangest part is, no one can quite figure out who put it there or when it will be taken down.
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How Administrative Safeguards Can Prevent Data Breaches

system security, access management, identity access management, foxtPreventing healthcare data breaches is a common goal for covered entities of all sizes. It can be easy to let the importance of administrative safeguards fall behind other areas, such as concerns over hacking and stolen devices, but organizations need to keep this aspect a key part of their larger data security plan.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, administrative safeguards are “administrative actions, and policies and procedures, to manage the selection, development, implementation, and maintenance of security measures to protect electronic protected health information and to manage the conduct of the covered entity’s workforce in relation to the protection of that information.”
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