Marginal Gains – A philosophy to live by?

I don’t know about you at the tail end of the Summer of 2016, but I am really missing the daily breakfast review of the performances at the Olympics this week; and sitting down early evening engrossed in sports I have not seen in exactly four years. In my own head I’m nodding along at the scoring system in Taekwondo, being my own annoyed pundit half a second before the TV sports commentator say something blindingly obvious “Ohh, she should not have done that, the judges will mark her down.

Whilst the Olympic games are still in everyone’s minds, and just before the Paralympic Games kick off, all kinds of organizations try to use sporting metaphors. FoxT is no different for its next marketing campaign.

Marginal Gains

This was the striking takeaway from the Rio Olympics for me, Team GB have been banging on about the philosophy of Marginal Gains for over a decade, where everything is measured, and every micro-improvement gives you a better chance to get you across the line. With the best away-games medal haul in over a century, it is a bit hard to argue with their results. Expect the British Honours system to be effusive in its recognition later in the year with many Sirs and Dames, to match the appreciation from the British public during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The BBC reflected on this methodology and approach applied to everyday life.

Coincidentally we have been reflecting a lot as a company internally over the last twelve months, the product and support groups at FoxT have definitely seen a similar micro-examination process from our largest customers, requiring us to be intimate members of their agile deployment or DevOps teams. As a result we are more deeply integrated, either embedding staff inside our customers, or holding daily meetings with key accounts understanding HOW the products are used, and how tiny changes in daily administration operations and updating default configuration settings can have SIGNIFICANT impacts when a customer’s deployed footprint doubles or trebles.

As one of the team delivering our next release we will make sure FoxT will be calling out loudly not just technical enhancements, extensions and scaling improvements, but just as loudly where tiny product admin adjustments have HUGE operational impacts.

Editor: P.S. David will be submitting his wine, cider, and cordials to the judges at his village show 2nd September. We’ll let you know how he gets on. If this doesn't ring a bell -- you missed this post!

By: David Dingwall, VP of Product Marketing

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