SSH Management With BoKS ServerControl Software

Sponsored reports from analysts have focused on poor key and SSH management practices, a highly speculative assertion that Edward Snowden somehow used keys to gain access to systems (which he denies), and now the US NIST has published a document that, among other things, puts a focus on 'automated authentication' used for application-to-application (app2app) or system-to-system/computer-to-computer (c2c) communications.

NIST now recommends that the same level of focus and account management that has been recommended for year for interactive (people) accounts be placed on these automated accounts.

Fox Technologies BoKS ServerControl solution has done this for years.

BoKS provides a comprehensive account and SSH management solution that can manage user, system and application accounts across Unix/Linux operating systems; provides comprehensive and granular SSH access-control; consolidates logging and audit of the Unix/Linux servers in to a single stream; and takes things one step further, offering features to control privilege at a granular level once access is granted.

Fox Technologies is a global security company that helps organizations centralize Linux and Unix privileged access management across hybrid IT environments.